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Together with models Jasmine R. Cook-Gadley and Nathan Kuhns, we had an amazing opportunity to work with fellow Pennsylvanian Author Mary E. Jung in creating a cover she herself imagined. Bringing to life the main characters of her romantasy Blossom and Bone in photographic prints for her fans as well . Graphic design for the book cover was done by Sheri-Lynn Marean.


A collaboration with local PA author, Mary E. Jung, to aid her in the creation of her special release of 'Blossom and Bone'. Jasmine Cook portraying Amé the vegetation witch and Nathan Kuhns as Xephriel the bone witch. Cover image was designed by Sherri-Lynn Marean.

Interested in purchasing the book or getting to know Author Mary E. Jung a little more? Click the link below for her Facebook group, sign up for her newsletter and get all the latest information. 

Another collaboration with Mary E. Jung, Queen of Light and Ashes's, King of Èyre Ràidhen.

Portrayed by Nathan Kuhns


To learn more about PA Author Mary E. Jung or her Libra Book Series simply hit the connect button below 

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