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How it works ...

     -Consultation -  we'll go over photoshoot options, costuming/lingerie, and  location to start. I want to know your inspiration, your ideas and your desired outcome(s). And after some communication, we'll develop a plan just for you. With a plan in place it's time to schedule.  


- Preparation - we'll gather any needed materials and supplies including costuming, props, accessories.


- Editing begins next day and in approximately 2-4 weeks you'll receive an invitation to view your digital photographs for purchasing/downloading. Shopping options, from prints to pillows, are available to you direct from the site. 

                    It's important to note that the time required for planning and preparation

is unique to each individual and/or idea.  


My name is Jenni Mack, owner and photographer at Flutterby Studios llc. located in Chambersburg, PA. My passion is creating uniquely styled portraits with a touch of imagination. 

From ethereal fae to colorful court jesters, costuming and props are often hand made  or decorated by myself to create one-of-a-kind portraits.  Whether you're looking for your own escape into the fantasy realm or some fine art for your walls I'm here to help. 

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PRIVACY POLICY - Flutterby Studios LLC is the owner of this website. Any information collected on this site is for the sole purposes of contacting you, the client. Flutterby Studios LLC does not share, sell, rent, or otherwise distribute any information collected. The only exception, third party contact, for any issues related to orders or shipping. 

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