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Spring Fairies do exist!

While waiting for the butterflies to arrive, I got to feeling the urge to create and set off on this new adventure to capture fairies!

Being the butterfly enthusiast that I am fairies aren't a big leap and my interest was to get creative so I started at the very beginning with creating dresses! Lots and lots of tulle, some dresses recycled from thrift stores and a few gorgeous models. What more could a photog ask for?

After putting my plan into motion and lining up the models I set out with dress creation and hit up all my local thrift stores. I grabbed a variety of gowns, from bridal to sleepwear; anything that caught my eye.

The creative process can be quite messy :)

These dresses were a breeze once I gathered all the needed supplies but the wings ... ugh wings are a whole other story haha! Let's just say I'm on my 4th plan with them; they've fallen, twisted, been too heavy. Store bought ones lay flat when you don't want them too or require arms to be held up like flying an airplane. I'm going to get them figured out or die trying.

I've gotten two of these fairy shoots in the books. I started out with a friend I had worked with before for that comfort factor and we had such a fun time! I was encouraged going into the second shoot knowing I would be nervous having never met my model before.

She did a fantastic job but I didn't. I learned a lot about myself that day. We had a wonderful and fun time. And I super enjoyed getting to know her during our time together! I, though, made lots of mistakes. The biggest one was I didn't direct, every time I put the camera to eye I went quiet and that wasn't how I planned it to go. I know that is something I will work hard on with the next shoot and going forward.

I've some more really fun fairy shoots planned in coming weeks so check back soon for more updates!

The Warmth of Sunshine - model: Anita Garber

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