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Antlers & Apples

Antlers and apples? An odd combination? Perhaps to some it may be but growing up here in rural PA deer are regularly spotted near or around orchards during the apple harvesting season so the combination really does work in my mind haha!

Sarah found me through a publication of one of my photos, living a bit of a distance from each other she reached out to me and together we came up with a plan. We'll meet in the middle! She described the idea she had in her own mind which included some key words like ethereal, apples and the color red. In discussing possible locations between us we talked of orchards and somewhere along the line antlers were mentioned. We ended up at a park not an orchard but it worked just as well for the pictures she had in mind.

I had picked up this wedding-like, tea-length gown some time before and most recently had dyed it a maroon-ish color. Red, apples, orchard ... this dress could work! It's her size possibly. There was no size tagging inside as it had been altered previously, once those alterations were removed the measurements said her size so this will work!

The flowers came from a table centerpiece found also at the thrift store, a vintage blush pink scarf (you know it already, found at the thrift store), some extra tulle for a fuller skirt and a set of antlers found in the Halloween supplies at Walmart ... total cost approximately $35! (This does not include any travel or hotel expenses for either of us merely the creation of the dress alone.)

The resulting image was featured on the back cover of MMMagazine along with a 6 page spread of photographs from the set inside. We were beyond excited to be included but a feature on the back cover was the cherry on top of the sundae!!

Thrift stores are amazing, I cannot say it enough! Recycle, recycle, recycle!

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