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The fairytale came to life!

In my last post I had shared my excitement over embarking on this creative journey with fairytale portraits and that hasn't changed. I'm still excited. How could I not be?

This week I had to opportunity to work with another model and explore a new state park that I had only been to one time previously and that was to scope out plans for this session. Mind you on that visit, the ground was still covered in snow so the spring life that was blossoming was completely new to my eyes. I arrived early to again go through the park and pick those spots that were going to provide the needed ambiance. I was beyond happy to arrive to the gardens and see the flowering trees that adorned the area. This state park also happens to have a stone mansion atop the mountain which worked perfectly into the fairytale!

From behind the camera I let out a little squeal in excitement upon capturing this photograph:

A Fairytale Portrait model: Jillian B.

We had been shooting for some time and nearing the end of the session when we stepped into the flowering tree limbs to capture this shot. It wasn't until that moment that I would realize, through the lens, what I was seeing. It all came together, this was "the one"!

Okay maybe not "the one" but "the one of two"! :)

Fairytale Dreams model: Jillian B.

Jillian was amazing to work with and I couldn't be more pleased with our results. A million thanks you to Jillian for giving me this opportunity!

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