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She's on Fire!

I had the opportunity to work another gorgeous model this past weekend and couldn't have been more pleased with what we created together!. After weather postponed our initial date, we can only say it was meant to be having caught this gorgeous sunset on this evening.

With gorgeous red flowing locks, sunset seemed a fitting setting for Lauren so we headed to Samuel S Lewis state park where the view is spectacular. As Lauren described it, it's a "tiny gem" with a large view of central Pennsylvania. The sunset was over a field making for the perfect setting, sometimes a plan just comes together in ways we don't expect and couldn't have planned for!

The entire day had been cloudy. We had no certainty that there would be a sunset but as I set out to head for the park the clouds were starting to break apart allowing some blue skies and sunshine to peek through. Closer to the park, Lauren was experiencing sprinkles of rain but I reassured her the skies were clearing behind that. As golden hour arrived the skies cleared just enough of the clouds to allow the sun to peek through giving us this stunning backdrop.

No Looking Back - model: Lauren @phoenix.rising13 on IG

I simply love this. I'm biased, of course! But not because it's perfect. I see my mistakes but more then the flaws I see the growth! I've learned a great deal over this short time and I don't want it to end anytime soon. I still have a journey ahead of me, there's much more to learn and so much more to create! As I see it there's simply … 'No Looking Back' now!

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