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Our big boy Sammy

Sampson aka Sammy, Sam, Biggie, Meaty and Meathead came to us almost 5 years ago. His momma in some living predicaments of her own needed to find him a home and well after meeting him just a few minutes he let us know he approved of us by jumping in the truck without coaxing. So home he came.

He's been my right hand man constantly at my side; you've seen the memes about pet moms not even getting bathroom breaks, they're 100% true! He doesn't miss a beat the minute I move and I can't even explain the care he showed when I fell and broke my ankle. And in the months that followed I didn't move without his nose near my knee. Truly my sidekick all day and night long.

Then came my turn to return the favor when he tore his equivalent to the human ACL and required surgery for repair. As we picked him up from surgery it was almost as though he had never been happier to see us than in that moment. We loaded him in the car to make the hour trek home and that was the most tormenting ride. My heart ached for him as I could only comfort him from the front seat as I watched the tears stream down his face. He was in real pain. I had never in my life witnessed a dog cry real tears in that manner and it tore me up.

We got him home and prepared him a spot beside me as he had done for me. The first few days were not easy but time was our friend and he improved more and more! As you can see in this image he's recovered well.

Sammy boy following me around the yard

Now our big boy needs us again. We've found a couple lumps in his groin, after a vet visit ruled out an infection and a hernia the next step is biopsy scheduled for late this week. We're hoping for nothing serious for our ol' man!!

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