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Merry Christmas everyone!

The days are slipping by faster then I had imagined they would; as a child time seems to move so slow and the older I get the faster it feels it's moving. As this Christmas neared, I'd been busy continuing my learning with regular practice behind the camera. My camera is nearly always with but every once in a while I'll leave home without it. Often, a short trip somewhere so I'm not thinking I'll want it … but Murphy's Law when I won't have it with me I'll see something and think oh if I just had my camera! On this occasion the oh more and OOoooOOooh!

I had left the camera home running the 2.5 miles to pick my daughter up from her work. It was a really foggy evening I wasn't going to see anything worth photographing, I was just hoping to be able to see the roads it was that foggy.

Town is always well lit but especially at Christmas time with tree lights lining the streets. As I rounded the corner from King onto Main my mouth dropped at the view before me. The glow! As I neared the square I announced to the empty car I was grabbing my camera and heading back down town after getting her home.

After grabbing her at work we hurried home where I rushed in the door and announced to my husband I was taking off with my camera, I was determined I was heading back downtown in the middle of the night to get this shot!

Foggy downtown glow

Admittedly, it's a short ride back into town and it was well worth it to me. We waited until almost midnight when traffic would be minimal and with my husband playing the role of lookout I walked out into the middle of the street to capture the beautiful image I seen with my eyes.

It's not perfect, I missed the top of the fountain and those green lights, ugh. The added glow in the foreground I loved but those behind the fountain are distracting. They're not centered and they take away from the street lamps themselves but still that glow! And after all, mistakes are part of the learning process and I know what I would do differently if I happen upon it (or something similar) again.

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