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Location, location … location

Sometimes where you think you're going to be isn't necessarily the best spot. I set out on this shoot intending to use some grassy area of a local state park. Utilizing the day use are would provide tree cover to minimize bright afternoon sun and a lake in the background for a picturesque setting. I had it all planned out … or so I thought.

When model Jasmine arrived, being more familiar with the park than myself, she shared with me that she knew of a location that she believed would be perfect the only problem was she wasn't quite sure where it was. So we set out to find it!

We took this road, then turned on that one and circled the lake more then once but alas we found the special spot and went to shooting. A magical little cove on the back side of the lake provided the perfect setting for some mother-daughter fairy dress up.

The cove offered large boulders, a trickling water source and dappled lighting through the tree cover to enhance the afternoon photoshoot. These two beauties fit perfectly into their surroundings.

I had picked up this over-sized book in the hopes of making it come to life, with a little magic of course! As mom read Peightn gave me the best expression of the joy that believing in magic can bring to a child's life.

Some of the best moments captured were those where we allowed this little beauty to explore her surroundings climbing and playing on the rocks and in the water. And I must tell you there is nothing more smile invoking than watching a young girl embracing her inner fairy!!

Sometimes maybe the plan will change and that change can be the best thing to happen … if you let it be!

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