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It's been a minute ...

It's been a minute ...

There's been lots of good things happening! I've, of course, spotted another fairy. There was also a fox, a queen bee and a fawn to name a few. Oh I also ran into some Vikings on one occasion. :)

I've grown a new love for cosplay and made some new friends. We spent some time at state parks more then once and even hit the top of the mountain just in time to catch the sunrise capturing some sunrise silhouettes!

I visited the Renaissance Faire for a Celtic event; incredible costumes everywhere but not so many fairies at that event but I did spot a couple. I did take advantage of the opportunity and had myself some delicious shepherd's pie while taking in the atmosphere.

Another fun happening was a team up! Teaming up with fellow photogs is always educational for me; there's so much to be learned from others whether they be newer to photography or well versed in the craft.

And perhaps the most exciting news … is yet to come!

A moment from our July 4th celebration

Happy Independence Day!!

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