• Jenni Mack

I needed water ...

With fall colors incoming and a desire to practice photographing water I decided to head north & west again looking for one of this state's most famous state parks for waterfalls, Ohiopyle.

This trip was all about water for me and getting that smooth flowing water in image. The trail down to this spot is not for the faint-hearted, made of the rocks and mud on this day. I tried many spots along the trail but found the very bottom to be my favorite view. Tripod in hand I made the trek down and set up to practice smoothing the water. It took me some time and lots of trial and error but I finally managed to capture something I was proud of.

I visited another landmark spot while there and, again, met a fellow photographer more than happy to offer me his tripod when he seen me trying to steady my camera on me knee. I had left my tripod in my car just to check the spot out before trekking around with it. A conversation ensued where he took the time to show me his settings and share a couple tips of his own. This young man took time away from his family to help me with my learning, sure are some kind photographers out there!

Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park

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