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Headed north to Elk Country

With a desire to photograph wildlife and the rut season beginning I thought a trip to Elk Country would be just the thing. My first trip up wasn't very successful at all. In fact, the best image captured was a sunset on my way out that evening. It wasn't a complete failure! I learned a lot and did manage to get a few decent pictures.

Having learned from the first trip I headed up a second time with my daughter riding shotgun; this time the gps would take us through multiple state parks on the way there. It was a beautiful ride with the fall colors just beginning to take over. We missed the morning feeding of the elk at the visitor center so, after receiving some tips from a fellow visitor, we headed out to explore the area and stopped at a few viewing areas with not an elk in sight. That is, until heading back towards the visitor center. We came upon a cow and her (I'm guessing) yearling buck that allowed us to grab some really nice pictures. It was super exciting because they were just across the road from us and, even better than that, it was my daughter's first time to see wild (not in zoo) elk!

We had a great day taking photos of landscapes, mushrooms and elk. She's an awesome sidekick also learning photography.

Young buck elk just off the side of the road.

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