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Don't pinch me!

So maybe the most exciting news as of yet that I've been able to share is … I'm published! Several days ago, model Amber Louise submitted her fairy image to Dreamy Magazine where it would be accepted for print.

Congratulations to Amber Louise!! A stunning beauty in one of my own personal favorites of my creations, the purples in her hair and makeup worked beautifully with the dress.

This image actually stopped me in my tracks while previewing the pictures from the afternoon shoot. She's so darn gorgeous!!

With Amber's success I thought I would submit another fairy so reached out to Lauren Nicole for her permission and well ...

Congratulations to Lauren Nicole!! Another stunning beauty dawning one of my creations, her flowing red locks and gorgeous makeup (MUA: Stephanie Collman) perfectly matched the dress.

We couldn't have planned a more beautiful sunset to perfectly light the beauty of Lauren Nicole!!

Dreamy Magazine is an online and print magazine featuring models and photographers from all over the world. Amber Louise was printed in Issue #40 and Lauren Nicole will be printed in Issue #41.

Congratulations once more ladies!! Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with you and capture these beautiful fairies.

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