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All about the butterflies …

You may have noticed I have a fascination with butterflies of all shapes and patterns but most especially the Monarch butterfly. Having grown up with a love of nature and wildlife I became involved with Monarch conservation several years ago; planting multiple varieties of milkweed and nectar providing flowers. This has served to provide for many species of butterflies and moths, in turn providing me with a multitude of photographing opportunities. Butterflies, mantids, bees and so much more.

On this day several Monarchs had been feeding in the tithonia (Mexican sunflower), the fall migration will bring them in larger numbers creating moments such as this one. This is a pair of females sharing the flower.

As part of the conservation I also raise these butterflies from egg providing safe harbor for a small number to make it through to adulthood. A number will complete the process naturally in the gardens, as well, but surviving the wild is not an easy task for any caterpillar. If you'd like to learn more about the Monarch butterfly, it's conservation efforts or how you, too, can help visit https://monarchconservation.org, https://www.fws.gov/savethemonarch, https://monarchlab.org/monarch-conservation

A pair of Monarch butterflies sharing the tithonia

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