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A moment speaks a thousand words

In the photography world much time and effort is put into creating the 'perfect image'. The outfit, the makeup, the scenery, the pose: the photographer has an image in their mind that they are wishing to create and every little detail matters.

Other times ... candids!

I've said things such as "I'm not the posey type" or "go ahead and act natural". Truth is I'm not the best at directing; I love finding the candid moments in between that can capture a story as naturally as possible. And if I'm telling someone how to move it doesn't quite feel as natural.

This shoot will the gorgeous Jillian B. was a 10 year anniversary special request. The goal to recreate some moments from her wedding photos for this wonderful milestone. We returned to the spot where it all began (#LauxmontFarms) and Jillian dawned the beautiful gown she had treasured since that special day.

We set off to recreate those special moments and in our conversations this moment happened.

To me this photograph tells the story of her returning to that special space and remembering those moments that meant so very much on that day. It's a moment ... a moment that speaks a thousand words.

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